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What it is

Bags by Appointment offers a personalised service for those who want to purchase exclusive pieces that are considered an investment. Our specialist knowledge, acquired over the last decade, allows us to predict and identify pieces, (in terms of bags and watches, that as assets, will only increase in worth over time, and often substantially so. Whether you wish to purchase a singular piece or procure a collection that include rare, vintage and current pieces, our team provides a tailored experience, attuned to the clients needs and expectations. We at BagsbyAppointment go the extra mile to maximise your investment, sourcing pieces that exceed the standard year-on-year value exponentially.

How it works

Once a request is made, our team will collate a portfolio of investment options, including the predicted increased value and a timeline for you to choose what is most suitable for you. Colours, leather, style and condition are all key factors in choosing the correct pieces to create a dynamic investment portfolio. There is no extra fee for this service, it is part of what we do and what we love!

How to maximise the value

To get the most out of your investment, we highly recomment you keep your newly acquired investment piece in pristine condition, ensuring it is stored with its packaging, paperwork and accessories. If required, we offer secure storage options at a minimal cost.

Understanding the market

Unlike the stock market, cars or gold, that can lose value or may fluctuate depending on the economy, investing in high value fashion pieces is assured to appreciate in worth. The reason behind that is mainly due to their unique craftsmanship, the limited supply and the high demand in the market. 

For instance, the value of an Hermes bag in pristine condition can go up to 120% from the previous owner. On average in 2020, Hermès Birkin Bags generated an annual return of +38%, Chanel handbags of +11.8%*. 

Our expertise

We advise on all types of specification for bags and watches. Make and model, leather colours and hardware in order to find the pieces best suited to you while also being a financial asset. 


Thanks for submitting your request!

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