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The Hardware

There are 9 different hardware made by the Hermes house. Below is the full table with the different codes for each one of the bags. The most common and versatile are gold plated and palladium hardware which can be combined with any leather and colour.

Hermes Code

Hardware Name

Hardware Description


Gold Hardware

​The hardware is 18-karat gold pleated and it's the Hermes classic.


​Palladium Hardware

​The palladium is the seecond most used hardware after the gold one.


​Permabrass/ Champagne Hardware

Comes in a brass tint that gives the metal a distict colour between gold and silver


​Rose Gold Hardware

The rose gold is mostly used with black, grey and natural colour leather


​Diamond Hardware

The hardware is made by encrusted diamonds combined with white gold


​Black/ Ruthenium Hardware

The black effect is created thanks to a process called PVD coating. It is signature for the Hermes 'So Black' with a dark and shiny hardware.


Brushed Gold Hardware

The gold differs from the normal gold hardware due to its darker and less shiny tones


Brushed Palladium Hardware

With a more matte apperance the brushed palladium is less shiny and mirrory


​Special Order

Or also known as the 'Horseshoe bags' due to the horseshow stamp on the leather near the hardware. These are special orders made on requests for the best clients

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